Biggest Loser Creator Brings Back Former Contestants for New Show. Ugh.

The creator of the Biggest Loser has a new weight loss show in the works. The new show, called The Big Fat Truth, will bring back former Biggest Loser contestants who have gained back the weight they lost on the show. On the new show, they will try to lose the weight again. In addition to featuring former Biggest Loser contestants, the new show will also feature other people who want help losing weight. The promo clip for The Big Fat Truth focuses a lot on the Biggest Loser study that came out last year. That study showed the negative impact that the dieting and weight loss techniques used on the Biggest Loser had on contestants' metabolisms and hormones, even years after their time on the show was over. From the promo clip, it seems that the new show aims to show that weight loss and weight gain aren't affected by biology, but instead are only about the choices that individuals make. I have a lot of issues with what we've seen of this show so far, so let's talk about it.


Biggest Loser Study video