What You Eat Doesn't Matter THAT Much!

I'm a dietitian, so obviously I care about food, nutrition, and overall health, but I need to tell you that what you eat doesn't matter THAT much. Some people may be confused or shocked to hear that sentence coming from me. I mean, don't I want people to eat healthy? Let me explain. I'm not saying that food and nutrition don't matter at all or that we shouldn't be aware of what our body needs and how food affects our health. I'm say that sometimes people put too much emphasis on food and the role it plays in our life. Food is important, but it isn't magical and every bite you eat doesn't need to be "perfect" according to some standard set by some health guru or one set by yourself. Sugar isn't poison and pizza isn't the devil. A focus on healthy eating can even become a serious problem when food becomes so restricted that there isn't much left that you're "allowed" to eat or when the focus on food gets in the way of other aspects of health.