You want to eat healthier, but you just don’t know how to get there.

You envy the people who shop at farmers’ markets on the reg and cook wholesome meals from scratch without a second thought while you’re struggling just to make it to the grocery store and rely on takeout way more often than you’d like to admit.

You find yourself reading books and blogs and watching videos all about eating real and getting away from the processed fake foods that are the norm for so many. You’re inspired, but you can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen in your house. A Pinterest board full of healthy recipes or a shelf packed with cookbooks doesn’t mean those meals actually end up on your table.

It seems so easy for those other people, but how do they actually do it? You wish you could just follow them around for a day or two to see how it all works.

You might find yourself a little embarrassed or even ashamed. Feeding yourself and your family nourishing food is one of your most important jobs and you feel like you’re failing at it.

You want to make a change. You’re committed to it. You just don’t know how to start.

The truth is, something that should be simple, isn’t anymore. Our lives are busy and many of us didn’t learn the cooking and meal planning skills that we need to make healthy, real food. After all, we are part of a generation whose version of cooking dinner is transferring a container from the freezer to the microwave and pushing the start button. We’ve had a poor education in one of the most important areas of life: feeding ourselves.

When you work with me, you’ll get the information, skills, and support you need to change you habits and the way you think about, purchase, and prepare your food. We’ll start wherever you are in your real food journey and go from there, with me guiding you through the process.  If you’re ready to work towards a lifestyle focused on healthy (and delicious) whole, real foods and ditch the chemical junk, I’m your gal.

How it works

Our sessions can take place virtually via Skype or phone.

We’ll start with a 60 minute initial session where we’ll get to know each other and you’ll get me up to speed with your history, what you’re doing now, and where you want to go. Based on your starting point, I’ll suggest changes you can make to get the ball rolling. From there, we’ll meet every 2 weeks for 30 minute follow up sessions where we’ll discuss your successes and struggles and work through them together. We’ll make gradual changes in your diet and lifestyle that you can practice and perfect before moving on to the next one. Stacking changes on top of each other like this helps to ensure that you develop new habits that stick and you never feel so overwhelmed and stressed out that you just give up.

3 month package

One 60 minute initial session

Six (6) 30 minute follow-up sessions

Customized strategies and recommendations

Recipe and meal planning ideas

Email support between sessions


6 month package

One 60 minute initial session

Twelve (12) 30 minute follow-up sessions

Customized strategies and recommendations

Recipe and meal planning ideas

Email support between sessions.


A La Carte

One 60-minute session for you to get answers to your biggest food and nutrition questions


Should we work together?


We’ll work great together if

You want freedom from dieting.

You want to create a new way of living, not just a program or plan that you go “on” and “off.”

You want the skills and knowledge to make the best decisions for you and your health, not strict rules.

You want to learn how to find the ingredients for and prepare delicious, nourishing meals.

You want to work collaboratively with an expert and have an active role in the change process. You don’t want someone just telling you what to do.

We’re not a good fit if

You are looking for a quick fix solution or temporary diet.

You are unwilling to make changes or try new things.

You refuse to cook.

You want someone to tell you what to do. You don’t want to have any input into the changes you make.

Ready to get started? Here's what happens next!

  1. Download and fill out my new client forms.
  2. Send me your completed forms via email.
  3. After reviewing your information, I'll contact you to schedule your first session.


Still have some questions?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about my services and whether or not they're right for you. Just send me an email at or pop on over to my contact page.