Meet Sarah

Hello there! I'm Sarah Moran, RDN, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the owner of Sarah Moran Nutrition LLC.  I received my Bachelor's of Science in Dietetics from James Madison University and then went on to my Dietetic Internship at Virginia Tech. While there, I completed over 1,200 total supervised practice hours with the Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital in Salem, Head Start, The American Heart Association, and Roanoke County Public Schools. Upon completion of my internship, I took and passed my Registration Exam to become an RDN. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, shopping at the farmer's market, painting my nails, and watching way too many YouTube videos.


While I love many aspects of the modern times we live in, I think we can sometimes get a bit ahead of ourselves where food and nutrition are concerned. While we know much more about this science than we did 100 years ago, there is still so much that we haven't nailed down yet. With that in mind, I always promote eating food over food products and produce over pills. With so many different climates and environments all over the world, there are people who have survived by eating a variety of different foods. Why should we think that one diet will work for everyone or that we can manufacture foods that are superior to the ones that occur in nature? My approach is to take and evaluate the information we do have and then always refer back to what our bodies know how to work with: real, whole foods.