NNMC Toss the Junk: Beware Bars

If you go into any grocery store you'll see an extensive selection of bars. From granola to protein, they come in every shape, size, and flavor. It's important to realize that not all bars are created equal. In fact, some of them are more like a candy bar than anything. The key here, as always, is to read your ingredients list and the nutrition facts panel. Something loaded with sugar and trans fats is definitely not a health food. In addition, even if your do find a good bar or decide to make your own, these should not be the corner-stone of your diet. I see lots of people (and I've been guilty of it myself) who use bars as meal replacements daily or snack on them constantly. When you do this, you're pushing out things like fruits, veggies, and other whole foods that are much more nutritious and filling. Instead, use bars as an emergency snack like when you go to a sporting event and aren't allowed to bring in food (I'm the queen of sneaking in food. Yes, I often hide carrot sticks in my purse). In addition, make your own when you can. That way you can control the ingredients and can enjoy your own bars a little more often since they won't have any weird additives.