NNMC Toss the Junk: Quit Fast Food

This one shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone. Fast food is high in calories and often deep fried or loaded with sugar. Plus, the nature of its delivery method is designed for on the go, mindless eating with little reverence for the actual food. In addition to all of these things, I would argue that fast food isn't really food at all. It's highly processed and based on a broken food system. The beef in the hamburgers comes from cows that were raised on GMO corn (not the grass they are designed to eat) in crowded feed lots up to their ankles in their own excrement (appetizing huh?). Then they are pumped with hormones to increase their growth and antibiotics to fight the bacterial infections that result from these unnatural, inhumane practices. That's just one ingredient. When you add in the buns made from refined grains, french fries, and a sugary drink to wash it all down, you're in trouble. To drive home my point, I'm sure many of you have seen pictures of fast food meals that have been allowed to sit out for months or even years, but show no signs of rotting. Think of those lone french fries you find under the seat when you clean your car. This stuff should not be going in your body. Instead, come up with fast snack and meal options at home. Whether than means making a big batch of soup and freezing the leftovers in individual portions, doing your dinner prep work for the week on Sunday, or simply having a bowl of fruit in full sight on your counter, do what you need to do to make it work.

What tips do you have for a quick homemade dinner or grab-and-go snack?