National Nutrition Month Challenge: Whole Grains

This week, we will work on switching over to whole grains. As I outlined in my post about refined grains during the "Toss the Junk" week of this challenge, this is an area that can be tricky. With so much confusing lingo on labels, you really have to know your stuff to make sure you're getting what you want. To help you with this change, I'll be giving you whole grain recipes to try as well as easy ways you can incorporate more whole grains into your diet. I know some people have the misconception that whole grains don't taste as good as their refined counterparts. However, I find that, in many cases, I can't tell a difference at all and, if there is one, it is only that the whole grain version has a heartier feel. With that said, I hope you're excited to embark on this next part of the challenge with me! With love,