A Quick Update

Hi everyone! As you can see, it's been a while since I've posted on here and I have been playing around with the look a bit too. With my internship and all of the wedding planning the blog has definitely suffered, along with my cooking. I just haven't been inspired to cook right now while I feel like I'm in this stage of transition. I do cook, just not anything new or interesting. In other words, if I was posting, you'd be seeing a lot of eggs. However, I will be back in full force very soon! My plan is to get things back on a roll once the internship and wedding are over and also to expand the blog quite a bit. I LOVE food and nutrition, but that's not the only thing I love. And just like my life isn't one dimensional, I don't think your lives are either. With that said, I will be including more of my daily life and other interests to make this a lifestyle site with information on not only what I'm eating, but my favorite DIY projects, makeup, activities, and, of course, nail polish. I also hope to do some videos too so I can reach out to you guys through different mediums. Thanks for all of your support with this baby of mine and I can't wait to be talking with you on a regular basis once again. It's my fav! : ) Love, Sarah