July 2013 Favorites!

August Favs

1. Popsicle Molds. I love popsicles, especially in the summer, but why buy the ones in the store that are full of added sugars and artificial junk when you can make your own at home and control every ingredient that goes in? While I'm usually not a fan of plastic, these aren't going to be heated and they are a more reasonably priced option for a beginner than the metal varieties.

2. Nail Polish. I'm loving this Sinful Colors lacquer in the shade 24/7. It's a neon pink that just screams summer time!

3. Fragrance. Perfume is a daily must-have for many, but who wants to be inhaling harsh chemicals? Yuck! LaVanilla's products are all natural and smell incredible. Plus, we all know vanilla is a universally guy-pleasing smell. My current favorite is this seasonal offering called Vanilla Summer. With a combination of mango, pineapple, coconut milk, and sugar cane, just one spray will have you thinking of paradise.

4. Tomatoes. They are hands-down my favorite vegetable. I look forward to them all year and feast on them for the few months that I can. With so many shapes, sizes, and colors you can never get bored. Plus, they contain lycopene which is a natural sun protector. Get them homegrown or at your local farmers market. The store-bought ones just taste like damp cardboard.

5. Vampire Diaries. I'm not gonna lie, a few months ago, if anyone gushed about this show, I lost a little respect for them. Maybe you just lost some respect for me when you saw it in the picture. I can live with that. Jasen and I decided to watch the first episode on Netflix streaming and see what the fuss was all about. We're currently on Season 2. I may be behind by a few years, but now we can watch one episode right after the other without any waiting! Whether that's a good or bad thing is debatable.

What are you favorite things for the month of July? Do any of mine make your list? Tell me in the comments below!