Week 1: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

As I promised last week, I started week 1 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution on Monday. First off, I have to thank you guys. There were more days than not where my inner dialogue went something like this: I really don't want to do this today.

You have to. You have to put it on the blog.

Ugh. Alright then. Stupid blog...

This was a bit of a surprise to me. I mean, this was only the first week and I haven't worked out in a couple months since I hurt my back. I should be ready to go! Fresh and excited! However, that simply wasn't the case. Maybe it's because I've gotten out of the routine. What was a part of my every day a few months ago is now like an added hassle. Here's to hoping that changes over the next few months.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start with how the program works.

Each two weeks you use 2 strength DVDs and 1 cardio DVD. The strength DVDs change every 2 weeks and the cardio changes every 4 weeks. The first two weeks look like this.


On Mondays and Thursdays, you work out chest, shoulders, triceps, and quads. On Tuesdays and Fridays, it's back, biceps, and hamstrings. The purpose of this, with the cardio mixed in, is to give your muscles 2 days off in between for maximum recovery. Also, even if you're sore, the theory goes, you should still be able to exercise since you won't be actively targeting those muscles.

And let me tell you, I was SORE! Much more than I expected. You see, I was on week 12 of this thing right before my wedding back in May. I knew it had been a while, but I was in for a rude awakening. I was sore after Monday's workout and on Tuesday I had the conversation with myself from above. It really wasn't too hard though since I wasn't using the same muscles. By the time Wednesday got here however, it hurt to walk. And sit. And stand. And pretty much any other movement. I opted to skip the cardio on Wednesday and instead did some foam rolling to work out the kinks. I know this won't be a big problem in the weeks to come, just the nature of waking my muscles up after such a long rest, so I figured it was ok to skip. We're not aiming for perfection here people. Thursday and Friday were much better and I was able to do the cardio on Saturday. As I type this on my rest day, I can safely say that I'm not groaning every time I have to get up to go potty. That's always nice. :)

I'm already feeling stronger from this first week, so I'm excited to see how my strength and endurance improve in the weeks to come.

Week 2: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

How do you guys deal with sore muscles? Let me know in the comments below!