Things I'm Excited About For Fall


  1. Boots. I've been in search of a good pair of riding boots for a couple years now, but they never fit comfortably over my large calves. These are extra wide and have some elastic, so maybe they'll do the trick!
  2. Pumpkins. While most people are having dreams of Starbucks, I prefer the real thing. Whether used for decor or eating, their quintessential for fall. Plus, making your own pumpkin puree tastes way better than the canned stuff and makes you feel especially fancy.
  3. Dark nail polish. I love my brights, but I'm definitely ready to rock the fall colors. Zoya Hunter is a great green and is right in line with this season's military trend.
  4. Sweaters. They're super cozy and this one has kitties on it!
  5. Apples. They're one of my favorite fruits to add to my plain yogurt, great for snacking, and come in tons of different varieties. They also make a great salad addition!
  6. Seasonal candles. I love this one from Aroma Naturals. It's a mix of orange, clove, and cinnamon and doesn't have any of the yuckies found in most candles.

What are you most excited about for fall? Share in the comments below!