Week 8: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

It's hard to believe, but this week is the end of month two of the program! I'm happy to be two-thirds of the way done. Here's the schedule for the last week of "Phase 2." Body Revolution Schedule

I started the week off strong with my strength workouts on Monday and Tuesday, but my knees still weren't liking it. I ended up completing all of my strength workouts this week and chose to skip the cardio sessions to give my knees a break. I was good about foam rolling after each workout, but it was painful! I like to think that it helped, but I honestly can't tell. My knees still hurt, but maybe they would have been worse if I hadn't done it? I'm just trying to do my best to manage the situation while keeping up with the program. I know it's only going to get harder as I move on to the next set of workouts, so if y'all have any ideas I'd love to hear it!

On Saturday, we went to the Fall Festival in our town, and I did a ton of walking. It was nice to stay moving, but keep it low impact. Now, anyone who knows me well probably also knows that Fall Festival is one of my most favorite things in the world. However, something was able to top it this week. On Tuesday, we got a precious little kitten! Her name is Moxie and she is itty bitty and soooo cute! I should get an award just for sticking to my workouts this week with this baby running around to distract me. I had to lock her in the bathroom while I exercised and it was pitiful to listen to her crying on the other side of the door. She still loves me though. In fact, she's snuggled up with me right now. :)

She is so excited to meet all of you!

cute kitten

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Do you guys have any ideas for dealing with my knee pain? Share in the comments below!

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