Say Hello To The Kitties!

If you love pictures of cute animals, this is for you! Now that we've had Moxie for a couple weeks and our second cat for a week, I thought I would share some pics. They are just too precious! moxiesleep

I'm also proud to say that little Moxie hasn't had any potty accidents in a week and is now allowed full reign of the house at night! No more being stuck in the bathroom for her!


And here's the second cat! No name yet, we just call him Big Orange. We got him from the pound and he definitely gave us some new challenges. The pound thinks he's around 4 months old, so still young, but not like Moxie who was so little she loved everyone and had no fear. They also think he might have been abused. :( The first morning, Big Orange was running around the house from window to window and door to door meowing like a crazy cat. Plus him and Moxie weren't exactly BFFs.


Kitty relaxing on the couch

A week later he's doing much better and, though he's still skiddish, he seems much more comfortable and actually plays now. Him and Moxie love to chase each other around the house. Sometimes one of them will start growling or get a little hissy, but it doesn't take long before they're running around again.


Cute kittens taking a nap

What do you think about the kitties? Do you have pets of your own? Share in the comments below!