3 Tips For Choosing a Dietitian

When you're looking for someone to help you with your diet, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is the way to go. But every dietitian isn't created equal, so how do you find one that works for you? Here are my three tips for choosing a dietitian. 3 Tips For Choosing a Dietitian

  1. Know what you need. Are you looking for just one session to clear up some questions or a program where you meet with the dietitian for several sessions to do some in-depth work? Is it a must for your to meet with your dietitian in person or do you like the flexibility of someone who, like myself, offers virtual services?
  2. Consider their specialty. Just like doctors, dietitians have different specialties. Some are generalists while others are experts in a specific area, like allergies or eating disorders. I, for example, specialize in whole foods nutrition and wellness. I work with clients looking to get off the diet cycle and build a healthy lifestyle focused on real food. I wouldn't be a good fit for someone who refuses to cook or who needs help with their diet due to kidney failure. You've got to find someone who can help with your specific situation.
  3. Remember they're a person. Your dietitian isn't (or at least shouldn't) just be an information resource like a text book or encyclopedia. So much of what a dietitian does is focused on supporting a client in the changes they're making. Dietitians each have their own individual experiences and personalities which are going to influence your relationship with them. You need to find someone you can trust and who's personality jives with yours. That way, you'll get the best experience possible and be more likely to accomplish your goals.