What To Expect: Follow-Up Session

For a lot of people, it's difficult to imagine what a session with me might be like. I want you to know exactly what to expect, so in this post, I'm breaking down what goes on during your follow-up sessions. If you haven't read about what to expect at your first session, make sure you go look that over and then come back here. It'll make more sense that way. :D In most cases, you'll meet with me about every 2 weeks. While every client and appointment is different, this is the typical timeline. What To Expect Nutrition Follow-Up Session


Catching Up

You'd be surprised how much can happen between sessions! We'll start off each session just catching up on the happenings of life. Because food is such big part of our every day, even small changes in our routine can bring on new challenges to work through. Sometimes, there isn't much to report. Other times, you'll be telling me about the great new job you got that's completely changed your schedule or how staying up with a sick kid left you with no energy to make dinner.

Goal Review

Once I'm up to date on what's been going on with you, we'll move on to the goals you set at our previous session. You'll tell about your progress and where you encountered challenges. We'll talk about the factors that influenced your success with each goal and talk about what you could do to set yourself up for more success in the future.

Discussing and Strategizing

This portion of the session can vary from client to client and appointment to appointment. It all depends on how successful you were with your goals and if you've experienced any significant life changes. This time is for us to talk about whatever you need guidance with in relation to your lifestyle changes. From there, we'll work together to find solutions that will best suit you and your situation. This is also where I may provide you with additional education and you can ask any other food and nutrition questions you may have.

Goal Setting

Based on your success with your previous goals and what we talked about during your session, you'll set new goals for yourself. Goals that you found particularly challenging may stay the same or be modified to be more realistic. Goals that you were successful with may be refined so you can continue to improve in that area, or replaced with a new goal entirely. As we continue to work together, you'll see old goals grow into new habits. This process of gradual change is the key to building a lifestyle and finding your new normal.

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