Summer CSA Week 5

Hooray for the first tomato from the CSA! Tomatoes are my favorite veggie and I can't get enough of them after going so many months without. When the tomatoes finally start coming in, it's a mini celebration at my house. This week was full of some of my favorite recipes. The pictures can never compare to tasting, but I hope that seeing how I use these veggies each week shows you that veggies don't have to be boring.

Here's everything I got in my box. All items are listen below, starting at the top and moving left to right.

Summer CSA Week 5


  1. Romaine lettuce
  2. Spring onions
  3. Broccoli
  4. Cabbage
  5. Lacinato/Dinosaur kale
  6. Tomato
  7. Roc d'Or bean
  8. Cucumbers
  9. Kohlrabi
  10. Yellow squash


We ate the cucumber fresh as snacks.

The cabbage became a big pot of cabbage soup, with some potatoes and white beans.

Cabbage Soup


Here's an old favorite from college. I roasted up a bunch of veggies, cooked some brown rice, and threw it together with hot sauce. It's simple, and it's a great way to get a lot of vegetables in! The yellow squash, broccoli, and kohlrabi all ended up in this batch.

Roasted Vegetables

The kale made a great salad (as usual) and was the side for pizza night. The tomato got sliced up and made a delicious pizza topping.

Pizza and Kale Salad

Lettuce = buffalo chicken salad for us, so that's exactly what we had! Another simple dinner, but so so yummy!

Buffalo Chicken Salad

To finish everything off, the spring onions and beans made their way into on of my favorite recipes. It's a summer veggie stew from Deborah Madison's Local Flavors cookbook. The flavor is incredible and it can easily be adjusted based on what you have on hand.

Summer Vegetable Stew

I threw an egg on top to round things out.

Summer Vegetable Stew


And that's it for week 5!

Do you love tomatoes as much as I do or does another veggie have your heart? Share in the comments below!

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