Summer CSA Week 8

This week was a good one for dinners. We had a nice mix of old favorites, plus a new one! Here's everything I got. Items are listed below starting at the top and moving left to right.

Summer CSA Week 8

  1. Red potatoes
  2. Green cabbage
  3. Heirloom zucchini
  4. Green zucchini
  5. Onions
  6. Elephant garlic
  7. Yellow squash
  8. Basil
  9. Red tomatoes
  10. Yellow tomatoes
  11. Sun Gold cherry tomatoes
  12. Assorted heirloom tomatoes

Most of the tomatoes were eaten up as snacks, either plain or with a little salt and pepper. The garlic and onions didn't get used this week because I had some older stuff to go through first.

I've really been loving this tomato basil pizza combo, so I made it again this week! I paired the pizza with some sauteed peppers.

Tomato Basil Pizza and Sauteed Peppers

One night, I roasted a chicken with a ton of veggies. The yellow squash, heirloom zucchini, and potatoes ended up in the mix, along with some peppers and red onion.

Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

The green zucchini found its home in a frittata. That yellow-green disk on the bottom is the cabbage! I sliced it up and then roasted it with a honey and Dijon mustard mixture. It was so good! If you think you hate cabbage, cooking it this way might just change your mind. I also roasted some purple potatoes to round off the meal.

Zucchini Frittata with Honey Mustard Roasted Cabbage and Potatoes

The last meal for this week is one of my favorite summer dinners: BLTs! I used a homemade eggless mayo (recipe coming soon!) for these because the store-bought kind is gross and making the traditional stuff yourself is a huge pain. We threw in some of the basil too, to mix things up, and had a cucumber salad on the side.

BLT with Cucumber Salad

What do you think about the roasted cabbage? Share in the comments below!

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