4 Probiotic Foods I Love | Healthy Gut Foods

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that we consume and they can help keep our gut bacteria in a healthy balance. The bacteria in our large intestine play a role in healthy digestion and there's also research looking at other things our gut microbiome might affect. Some people think that the bacteria in our gut could actually impact other diseases and conditions, so it will be exciting to see how our knowledge in this area grows! I like to include a few different probiotic foods in my overall diet, so thought it would fun to share my favorites with you! Yes, we're going to talk about yogurt (because even though everyone knows about it, it's still worth talking about), but we're also going to talk about some other foods that you might not be eating regularly.


Fermented Vegetables book (affiliate link)

Brands mentioned
- Maple Hill Creamery
- Farmstead Ferments
- Jacob's Raw
- Bubbies
- GT's Kombucha


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