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The time is finally here! I've been using the Daysy natural birth control fertility monitor for 6 months now and, just like I promised in my first impressions and unboxing video, I'm giving you my full review! The Daysy is made by Valley Electronics, the same company that makes the Lady Comp. I've gotten a lot of questions about Daysy on my original Lady Comp video, so I wanted to try Daysy out for myself and give you my opinion on the device. Daysy is very similar to Lady Comp in the way it works. You take your basal body temperature every morning, log your menstrual cycle, and the device gives you a red, yellow, or green light for that day, depending on your fertility status. With that said, there are some real differences between Daysy and Lady Comp. Daysy is smaller and doesn't have much of a display. Instead, Daysy uses a companion app so you can view your past data and any details on your smart phone. The Daysy syncs with the phone app via a cable that plugs into your phone's headphone jack. Depending on your preferences, how you want to use the information, and your budget, you might find that you prefer one device over the other. I'm sharing my thoughts as someone who has used both the Daysy and the Lady Comp and telling you which one I prefer.


My current device, the Lady Comp (affiliate link)

Daysy First Impressions + Unboxing video

Lady Comp Overview video

Lady Comp 3.5 Year Update video

More info on Daysy

More info on Lady Comp


Thanks to the people at Daysy for sending me this device for free to review! As always, all opinions are my own.

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