New Study: Fat is Good and Carbs Are Bad?!

A new study out of Canada has gotten some attention. Actually, it's a few studies using the same set of data. Researchers used data from the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study to look at the relationship between fat and carbohydrate intake and cardiovascular disease and mortality. They also looked at the association between fruit, vegetable, and legume intake and cardiovascular disease and mortality. At the end, the researchers found that higher fat diets were associated with a lower risk of death and weren't associated with cardiovascular disease and that higher saturated fat intake was associated with a lower risk of stroke. They also found that higher carbohydrates diets were associated with higher mortality, but weren't associated with cardiovascular disease. When looking at fruits, vegetables, and legumes, they found that 3-4 servings of these foods per day was associated with lower mortality. These results have some people saying that this means fat is good and carbs are bad and that we need to eat more fat and reduce our intake of carbohydrates. But is this really true? And what else should we keep in mind when looking at the results of these studies?