September GARDEN Update! It's a JUNGLE Out Here!

It's hard for me to believe, but September is almost over and that means it's time for another garden update! This is going to be the last garden update of the year, so we're talking about how the garden is doing overall, plus some of the plants that grew really well this year and some plants that didn't. At this point in the growing season, my garden is looking pretty wild. The plants are full grown and I've been neglecting the garden a bit. There are things growing over into the paths and it's so bad in some areas that I can't even walk through them anymore. Let's just say the garden has become a bit of a maze when it's time to harvest things. I hope you enjoy this peak at my garden and have liked seeing my garden grow over the course of this gardening season!


For a point of reference, I'm in Virginia in Zone 7. All of the plants in the garden we either seeded directly or started from seed inside. I like to grow a lot heirloom varieties, which means lots of interesting shapes and colors!