CVS to Stop Altering Images in Beauty Ads + Pushing for Industry Transparency

CVS has announced that they are changing the way they approach editing and retouching images in advertisements for beauty products. As part of this new effort, they will be using a new symbol that they are calling a Beauty Mark to indicate that an image has NOT been edited to change things like the model's shape, size, proportions, skin color, eye color, and wrinkles. Their goals is to only use images that have not been altered in such way for their own products and then require transparency for any brand that is sold in their stores by the year 2020. CVS says that they want to work with people in the beauty industry to set more clear guidelines for this effort. I'm excited to see this change as we come to realize the negative image that media can have on body image and how it can set unrealistic beauty standards. I'm also interested to see hoe brands adjust to these changes at CVS and how this sort of thing might influence other types of media, like food photos.