Food Is NOT Medicine! The Problems with OVERSTATING the Role of Nutrition

You've probably heard the idea that food is medicine or that food should be medicine, but that idea can cause some real harm. As a dietitian, I know that food can definitely have an impact on health in general and that it can be important in the treatment of illness and disease. Medical Nutrition Therapy helps a lot of people heal from serious injuries, treat conditions, and manage symptoms. With that said, the idea that food is medicine sometimes gets taken too far. Things become dangerous when people turn to food as a cure for every illness and turn down medical treatment in favor of a certain diet. It's even more dangerous when that person promotes what they're doing to the public. We've heard multiple stories about people who have used social media to advocate for unproven food based treatments for things like cancer and brain tumors. In some cases, these people didn't even have the condition that they claimed to have and were just telling a story to get followers and make money. I'm covering all of that and more in this video.