Quick Breakfast Ideas, Antinutrients in Beans and More! | Q&A #1

Today we're doing a Q&A! This is the first question and answer in video in what I hope to be a new series on my channel. I asked you on Instagram for your questions and you delivered. Hear my thoughts as a dietitian and nutritionist on various topics and leave your questions in the comments for my next Q&A!



- How did you get into gardening?
- How did you learn about the Back to Eden gardening method?
- What do you do with your garden harvests?
- Tips for people with lots of food allergies?
- What are some small, quick breakfast ideas?
- How do you find balance with fast food?
- What about non-stick cooking spray, like Pam?
- Antinutrients in beans and legumes? What are they and do they matter?
- If you cut a lemon or lime and let it sit, does it turn into sugar?
- What are some career paths for a dietitian?