Why is it SO HARD to Make Healthy Changes +TIPS to Make it EASIER

Lots of people talk about how hard it is to make healthy changes. Whether it's eating healthier, getting more physical activity, getting more sleep, or managing stress, almost everyone would agree that it's a difficult thing to do. But why is it so hard to make healthy changes? It's hard to make healthy changes because it's hard to make any type of change. It's not the healthy part that makes it difficult, it's that it's challenging to change habits or change routines. Habit and routine are powerful tools that our brain uses to make life easier. Habits and routines make it so we don't have to make as many decisions. They help us go on auto-pilot with some things so we can focus on other things. This makes changing them hard, but it also means that once we do change them everything gets easier again. So then comes the question: How do we make healthy changes? Here are some tips to make the whole process easier.