MAY GARDEN UPDATE! Berries, Greens, and Dodging a Tomato Disaster!

It's time for another garden update! We're already having some successes and failures in the garden this year, but it's all good because it's all experience we can learn from. Some things are growing, some things aren't, and I have a big update to the tomato and pepper disaster I shared with you last month. The whole situation was quite frustrating, but I'm happy to report that I think we're going to be able to bounce back from it. Some things might be a little later than I would like, but it's ok because we're still going to get lots of yummy produce!

For a point of reference, I'm in Virginia in Zone 7. All of the plants in the garden we either seeded directly or started from seed inside. I like to grow a lot heirloom varieties, which means lots of interesting shapes and colors!