I've Used a Menstrual Cup for 7 Years + Tips for Newbies

When I first bought my Diva Cup I didn't know anyone who even knew what a menstrual cup was, much less used one. Now, menstrual cups are becoming more and more popular and you may be thinking of trying one yourself. In this video, I'm sharing my experience using a menstrual cup for 7 years. I want to share my experience as a long-time menstrual cup user because a lot of the videos about menstrual cups are first impressions videos. While these types of videos are great for letting you know what the initial experience is like, I think it's also helpful to hear about menstrual cups from someone who has been using a Diva Cup for a long time and has worked through some of the beginner struggles and concerns. So if you're wondering if you should try a menstrual cup or want some tips from a long-time user, this one's for you! I'm covering the main reasons why I love my Diva Cup so much after all this time and going over some tips for new menstrual cup users including how to insert a menstrual cup, menstrual cups folds and how to remove a menstrual cup. I also discuss menstrual cup leaking and emptying a menstrual cup in public.

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