It's time for the first garden update of the year! I usually don't wait until July to do my first real garden video of the year, but this year is a little different. I haven't been able to devote as much time to the garden and I took a little break from making videos, so here we are! Despite the fact that the garden is a little smaller than usual, there are still a lot of exciting things happening! Tomatoes and peppers are growing (probably my two favorite garden items) and there are even some things to harvest! I've also had a little trouble with a groundhog who wants to eat all of the plants and leave nothing for me...

For a point of reference, I'm in Virginia in Zone 7. All of the plants in the garden we either seeded directly or started from seed inside. I like to grow a lot heirloom varieties, which means lots of interesting shapes and colors!


- Sungold tomato

- Traveler's Strain Jalapeno pepper

- Buena Mulata pepper

- Fish pepper