Looking for the Perfect Water Bottle? Look No Further.

I drink a lot of water, so it is important for me to have a water bottle that I love. Over the past several years I've been through a few different models, only to be disappointed with one aspect or another. I just couldn't find one that "ticked all the boxes." I wanted a bottle that was attractive, non-toxic, didn't affect the water's taste, and was easy to keep clean all while being convenient to carry and drink from. Well my friends, after all of my searching, I've finally found it. I present to you the Takeya 22 ounce glass water bottle.

This stylish sleek bottle comes in two sizes (16 oz and 22 oz) and five silicone sleeve colors. There is also another design option called "Modern."

I love this bottle for several reasons.

1. No Toxins.

We've all heard about the harmful effect of bisphenol-A (BPA) that can be found in plastic water bottles. While many companies now produce BPA free plastic bottles, I like the glass for that extra level of comfort.

2. The Water Tastes Like...Water!

In my experience, water from a plastic bottle can often taste like plastic and the stainless steel bottles give the water a metallic taste. When your water is in glass it tastes like water and nothing else.

3. No Mold.

One problem I've had with water bottles in the past is mold. The stainless steel ones aren't clear (obviously) so it's hard to see whether the inside is clean. Plus, since light can't penetrate the container, it creates a perfect mold growing environment. On the plastic side of things, many bottles have a nipple or straw-like aspect to make drinking easier. However, mold grows in these damp areas quickly and, because they are small, they are quite difficult to keep clean. With a screw on cap and clear glass this water bottle is free of these issues and completely dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

4. Not Heavy.

A major concern I had about purchasing a glass water bottle was its weight. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Takeya bottle is only slightly heavier than its plastic counterparts and no more cumbersome or difficult to transport.

5. Easy to Open and Drink From.

I was worried that this bottle may not be as easy or convenient to sip from as others, but I'm happy to report that the lid is quite smooth and easy to spin off while also closing tightly to prevent leaks. Furthermore, the mouth of the bottle is not extra-large, as is the case in many others, preventing water from sloshing out and getting everywhere.

What do you think of the Takeya Glass Water Bottle?