National Nutrition Month Challenge: Toss the Junk

As we really get into the swing of things, this week of the challenge is all about clearing out the junk to make room for the healthy foods you'll be adding in. I find this is the best place to start, because it helps you start to shift your thinking and perspective when it comes to food. My general rule when it comes to the difference between junk and food is its origin. I have a strong belief in purchasing and eating foods that are as close to their natural form as possible. This means I'd rather have butter from grass-fed cows than a tub of "buttery spread" made from a mixture of oils and stabilizers. It's about learning to eat real food with limits on the more indulgent items rather than replacing those indulgent items with man-made products. Otherwise, you're not changing your preferences or the way you approach food. You are enabling yourself to operate within the same framework.

This stage of diet change can often times be the most difficult. It's not too hard to try a new food or switch up your lunch, but cutting out something that can be so integral to your daily routine or the way you think about food can be a little trickier. The tips for this upcoming week may be a real challenge for some, so I want to reiterate that if you need more time to adjust to a change, feel free to take your time with it. You might find that just one of the tips could be a month long challenge for you. It's all about committing to the process and understanding that it is just that: a process. Your path might not always be a straight line, but if you keep pushing in the right direction, you'll get where you want be.