Week 12: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

The end is here! Here's the schedule for the final week: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Weeks 11 and 12

This last week went really well. While none of the workouts were easy by any means, I could definitely tell that they were much more doable than they were last week. It's crazy how fast your body can improve and adapt and it's great to feel strong and capable while doing the most difficult workouts in the program.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this set for anyone who is looking for an intense and effective at home fitness program. It takes all the great things about Jillian's stand-alone DVDs (limited equipment required, 30 minute workouts, modifiable depending on individual ability) and puts them into a plan that gives you the most effective workout schedule. Each time I've done Body Revolution, I've seen changes in my strength and muscle definition much faster than when I'm doing her other DVDs in a random mix. I think this program would benefit you no matter if you're totally unfit or more experienced because you can always modify to make things easier or harder. If you are starting out a little more fit you might choose to skip the first two weeks as they are pretty beginner. On the other hand, if you find the first two weeks to be super challenging, you always have the option to stick with them for another week or two before moving on.

Price wise, it's comparable to other similar programs at around $120.

Any other questions about my experience with the program? Check out my weekly posts from Week 1, or ask in the comments below!