Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Healthy Eating!

There are a lot of different kitchen tools out there, but there are a few that are essential. I definitely have a handful of tools that I use to do the majority of my cooking, so I'm sharing them with you! These are the kitchen tools that I turn to again and again for making healthy meals. I use these tools for ingredient prep and for the actual cookie process. I hope this helps you, whether you're getting started with cooking, need to upgrade some of your tools, or are getting set up in a new place!


PRODUCTS MENTIONED (contains affiliate links)

Global chef's knife
Global paring knife
Metal spatula (not the one I have that broke)
Wooden spoon
Hand grater
Box grater
Large cutting board
Raw meat cutting board
Small cutting board
Mixing bowls
Large stainless steel skillet
Large cast iron skillet
Small stainless steel skillet
Medium cast iron skillet
Baking sheets
Soup pot
Medium (2 quart) pot


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