What I Eat in a Day | Healthy Meal Ideas from a Dietitian

It's time for another What I Eat in a Day video! I know sometimes you need some healthy meal ideas and inspiration to get you out of a healthy eating food rut. You also might be curious to see what a dietitian eats in a day. In this video, I'm showing you a full day of eating for me in August while on vacation at the beach. I like making these videos when I'm away from home, because I think it's fun to show you what my meals look like when I'm outside of my normal routine. This What I Eat in a Day video includes some of my favorite beach meals and foods. As a reminder, this video is not here to tell you what to eat or how much to eat. It's just an example of one day of eating for one person (me). Every person and every day is different! I hope you enjoy seeing what I eat in a day at the beach!