TIPS for Dealing with DIET TALK Around You

Diet talk is the worst and because of diet culture it is often considered normal or even encouraged. Diet talk is all around us and it can be hard to deal with with, especially if you're working on getting out of a diet mindset yourself and practice intuitive eating. The diet talk can get even worse around the holidays because of all of the parties, celebrations involving food, and special seasonal food items. It's also the time when a lot of people have New Year's resolutions in their sites that involve weight loss or dieting and they insist on telling everyone else about it. If you're worried about diet talk and how to deal with it, I'm giving you some tips in this video. It starts with acknowledging that diet talk is going to happen around you then taking some steps to prevent the diet talk from influencing how you think about food and your food decisions. Having a healthier relationship with food can take some effort, especially with diet culture all around you, but it's totally worth it!