Fall CSA Week 9

Here's everything I got in my box! All items are listed below, starting at the top and moving left to right. Fall CSA Week 9

  1. Sweet potatoes
  2. Savoy cabbage
  3. Salad mix
  4. Turnips
  5. Watermelon radishes
  6. Baby sweet potatoes
  7. Cauliflower
  8. Parsley

The sweet potatoes went into storage (we've got quite the pile at this point) and we pickled the cauliflower. It might sound weird but pickled cauliflower is one of my favorite things. : D

We ate the salad mix with some chopped apple and pulled pork I made in the slow cooker. It was delicious and made for a super easy dinner because the slow cooker did all of the work for me.

Pulled Pork and Salad

We also had one of our favs: egg biscuits. For the vegetable I sauteed the turnip greens.

Egg Biscuits and Turnip Greens

The turnips and watermelon radishes went into the roasted vegetable mix for Thanksgiving dinner. We all agreed that the food this year was the best we've ever done. It just seems to keep getting better each time.

Thanksgiving Dinner

I used the leftover turkey bones to make some broth which made the perfect base for cabbage soup. In addition to the giant head of savoy cabbage, I threw in a few potatoes and some leftover chicken we had in the fridge.

Cabbage Soup


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