How to Make Chicken Bone Broth in a Slow Cooker

Making bone broth is a great way to get more nutrients, save money, and make meals that taste delicious. Good news is, it's super easy to do in a slow cooker or Crock Pot! You get to go about your day while a yummy pot of broth simmers away on your counter.


Slow Cooker Chicken Bone Broth



Bones from one chicken

Assorted broth veggies like celery, carrot, onion, garlic, and herbs (whatever you have is fine)*

12 black peppercorns

Salt (to taste, I probably use about a teaspoon)

Splash of apple cider vinegar




  1. Add all ingredients to your slow cooker with enough water to cover everything. Put on lid and cook on low for 12 to 24 hours.
  2. Once broth is done, turn off slow cooker and allow broth to cool a bit. Then, strain the broth into jars or containers to remove solids. Store broth in the refrigerator if you want to use it within the next few days or the freezer to save for later.

*Note: I keep a bag in my freezer for storing vegetable scraps like onion peels, carrot ends, and celery ends. Then, whenever I make broth, I can just go in my freezer and toss some of these veggies in the slow cooker. This saves money and time. Other scraps you can keep in this bag include garlic ends, asparagus ends, ginger peels, and fresh herbs that you won't be able to use up before they go bad. Don't include cruciferous veggies like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower because they can make things a little stinky.